Bright Colors [& Few Other Summer Must Haves]

by Vashti Co Blog | Bright Colors  & Other Summer Must Haves

Summer is officially here and if the higher temperatures didn't give it away, this margarita will.  It was delicious and totally worth the calories [I kid I don't count calories].  

I am a girl that used to religiously wear black, I mean partially because my work uniform at Footaction and because you can never go wrong with black.  

So lately I have been doing my best to add bits of color here and there, especially during the spring and summer months.  


I am sure that every girl can relate when I say finding a black wallet in any purse is like finding a Mac Lipstick in a black clutch, it is the most difficult thing in the world.  I picked up this cute little wallet which I love grabbing when I am running into the store or taking a stroll downtown Houston.  Plus I can always find it in any of my purses, I think you can see it from space actually.  It was $5.00 at good ole Target. = D   You're Welcome.  


I picked up a few of these hi low tanks from Old Navy and I am into Royal Blue this summer, plus it goes well with these lovely nails, that I need off ASAP.  I type a lot and they are getting in my way, but this polish is I Did It On Em by OPI I normally pick up my polishes from Beauty Brands [they are having a liter sale on hair care products].

These ripped Jeggings are from American Eagle and I just love them when you are as short as I am you don't want jeans that are swallowing you whole, and these do justice for my legs and my shape, plus they are comfy. 

This lip crayon that I picked up from Sally's Beauty Supply, is legit.  I am totally loving the color and it was different to try something with a metallic hint to it, I will definitely pick up some more soon.  Shh, don't tell E.