MVMT Watches #JointheMVMT

[disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsor post.  I was in no way paid for this review, I purchased my watch and my husband's watch with my own money.  I just really love this brand.]

One of the many [many] reasons I started this blog was because I love to try new things and review them.  I leave hotel reviews on Trip Advisor, and food reviews on Yelp.  I love to let people know how much I either love or dislike something in case they are ever in the position of should I or shouldn't I.  Which I find myself in a little too often, lol.  Just buy the lipstick already.  = D

Note: To set your watch date pull out dial once then turn dial towards, to change the time pull dial out to its furthest stop and turn dial.  

Paid or unpaid, I wanted to keep it real with my readers when giving reviews and maybe build some lasting relationship with my readers, bloggers and brands along the way. 

I had been looking for a new watch, particularly a rose gold classic big face [boyfriend] watch but I have skinny wrists and I didn't want something that overwhelmed them either.  I somehow stumbled upon MVMT watch and tbh I love the watches at first look, I love that their symbol looks like a bow tie but I haven't heard of anyone using MVMT before and I didn't see too many reviews.  

I initially hesitated on buying the watch because I hadn't heard of MVMT and since I like to read reviews before I purchase, especially when it is an online stores  [I've read too many horror stories] I was really hesitant.  But I really wanted the watch, so I told myself the first review I read I will buy it, and just so happened that one of the newest beauty bloggers I follow posted about them on her IG and this morning another blogger I follow posted on hers [of course I have my watch already, SCORE!]

I love receiving packages in the mail [one of my favorite things ever!] and I had some previous issues with USPS delivering to my house so I sent it to my parents.  My watch came in right on time and boy it did not disappoint.  After snapping a few pictures [which I wanted to post right away] I noticed there was a slight defect.  I sent an email to MVMT's customer service team with a few pictures and in no time Bri [their awesomely cool rep] provided me a discount so I could have a new band on its way!  

The one thing that keeps me coming back to a brand is the quality of their products and their customer service [& their price of course, lets keep it real].  Bri's customer service has definitely made me fall in love with their brand.  

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