Unorganized Mess

Whew!  You guys life has been a bit of a hectic mess lately, as much as I hate to admit this.  I started to write this blog for you guys yesterday and I just wasn't feeling it.  I felt like nothing I put here would make sense and I didn't want to put that out in the world or seem like I was just blabbering.  

I was so off balance lately, I started my Monday off with a great attitude and then I came into work and saw an email in my inbox that threw me all out of whack.  My attitude completely changed and I was already over the week at that point.  Fast forward to today, and I am feeling much better, I stopped and realized that I was allowing someone to change me and my attitude.  

So yesterday I stepped away from my blog because I don't want to put any bad vibes out in the world or ever be the person I don't want to be.  My blog post are even off, I feel like I can't think straight.  That is going to change, I promise.  I hope. = | 

Also can we all believe that we are already in June!  The year just started didn't it.  

Anyways, moving along.  Today started off much better, I am ready to write down some goals for this year.  I am putting my foot down that I am going to give myself a year and a half to build up my photography business so that I can do that full time.  

I want to make sure that I am organized with this blog and I want to make sure that my images and blog reflect me and where I want this to go.  I really need to sit down and write down my goals for this blog as well. 

I just wanted to write the post and put it out there that if you are struggling or having a bad day, know that it will pass you will overcome the anxiety, you will defeat the beast or become it in a good way.  You can do this.  

Never should you ever compare yourself to someone else.  


Clear your mind, body and soul then move forward.  And remember you are enough! 

"For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength"