Travel Bucket List

It is friday, y'all & you know what that means, wanderlust is in full effect.  I am so ready for a mini getway.  There are so many places in Texas I still need to visit and photograph, but time is low and I have to find me a travel partner who is willing to be with me in the car for hours at a time. = D

I am lucky enough to have family and friends that actually have the "travel bug".  I have a girlfriend who works for the airline and is always trying to get me to jump on plane with her to some new city.  I honestly would go broke if I took her up on her offers.  On the occasion we have jumped on a plane to get our hair done, just sayin'.  

But now I want to start visiting all the places in the world that I have always wanted to go to.  I mean honestly this list could probably go on forever but I will try to narrow it down a little for you.  Some of these destinations are domestic and some are international.  I wish I could jump in my car and just travel & if I wasn't married I more than likely would totally do that.  I am still tempted to do it though.  19 hours isn't that long right? 

I am thinking that I might make this an ongoing project and update as I go so you may have to check back for additions.  

  1. Utah

2. Morocco 

3. Seattle [solely for this bridge]

I really really want to go, but I don't think I have anyone that would love to hike up there as much as I would. = | Any volunteers? 

4. Phillipines

5. Tennesse 

I just found out there is an elephant sanctuary in Tennessee and I love elephants.