Me & My Bright Ideas

what if you fly

I don't know if I told you guys but I want to eventually work from home.  E will continue to have a job in the workplace (unless I make big bucks) so we can keep our health insurance, but I want to give myself a year and half (which started at the beginning of this month) to give my business(es) the time to grow and become successful. 

Honestly, at this point if I can find a side hustle that would pay for our expensive Fertility treatments that would be awesome.  I am a bright idea type of person, as in I have a bright idea almost every 5 minutes this blog was a bright idea.  = D

I love my little blog and I am trying to get my husband to understand the whole concept of blogging.  He just thinks of it as another form of social media for me to "play" on.  He doesn't fully understand that blogging is a business and that posting regularly is beneficial.  

My response is "when it brings in money one of these days", I will say I told you so.  I can't say that just yet, but I have met a bunch of people online and I hope to meet a few more people in person. This week I am going to a few blogger events which will be my first events.  

One of my side hustles is photography - wedding & women's portraiture to be exact.  And I have thought up a few others that I hope to bring to life soon.  

I am a creative at heart, I like/love creating.  I don't expect it to be a full time job, I want it to be some way for me to bring in a little extra income and have fun while doing it.  Is that too much to ask?  

My husband bought me a Surface last year and I immediately used it for a ton of things and then I just let it collect dust for a while.  Recently I picked it back up and started doodling on it. I mean why waste all that paper and I doodle a lot.  I am sure my name is written all over some place, some where.   While I was doodling I created this below image and I love it, it is currently my desktop wallpaper at work. It gives me something bright and nice to look at while I am surrounded by a dull khaki colored cubicle.  

I was even able to get a few likes on my instagram account when I posted it and it got me thinking.  Sooo, many people are selling prints and little stationary items (I love stationary but that is a whole other topic in general) and I think maybe I can figure this whole thing out.  Of course with a little help from my Spark Lounge people.  

A co-worker recently asked me why I don't sell prints on etsy and stuff like that.  And while I did think about it I didn't think about it in a grand sense.  I have this thing where I nix every idea that causes me to have to add one more thing to my plate.  But recently E and I debated on either him or I getting a second job and my response was when will we spend time together if we do?

I don't want to take anymore time away from us than we have to.  It is already hard as it is with weddings and all that jazz set up on weekends and E loves playing poker one day a week (I also get my introvert alone time during these times).  

I mean look I am not trying to become a millionaire, but if it helps me reach my goal to have a happy healthy baby.  Why not?

Any of you have any suggestions on how to create the best etsy shop in the world?  I'd love to hear about it.  Send me your links.