The Things People Say....

I hate controversy, I hate arguments, and I would've sucked at debate so with that said.  I don't comment on Facebook post, Instagram fights, etc., I just don't want to get into it with someone or be tangled up in a controversial debate.  I also hate politics, like hate it.  But this is my blog and I can post or say whatever I want.  

Moving on,  I normally don't listen to the radio because I spend a ton of money downloading music on iTunes and figure I should get my money's worth and I also hate most of the morning conversations.  But this morning I was listening to a local radio station here in Houston where there was the discussion of Amber Rose's new book "How to be a Bad B**** and a caller chimed in to give her two scents about the book.  I also will assume she hasn't read the book since it was just released so she doesn't even know what direction the book is going.  The caller proceeded to say that she hated the book title and that woman shouldn't be referred to B's in this sense and that woman referring to themselves in that kind of way isn't in anyway beneficial to woman.  Well, duh!  She then decided that it was relevant to state that she wasn't a Bad B she was a "grown woman" who has her masters degree and worked for a company for 18 years.  Last time I check Amber Rose created her own business by marketing herself instead of working for a company for 18 years, and that isn't something that everyone has the balls to do. 

That is fine and dandy but as a writer and a creative you have to grab the attention of your target market, and "GROWN WOMAN" isn't a title that will grab anyone's attention.  You also don't need to be a "grown woman" to have an education or support yourself, you need to be a smart, confident woman.  Who makes intelligent decisions and surrounds herself with like minded people.  There is a book about "Why Men Love B's", and it made a ton of money, was written by a woman and a lot of people change their way of being because of it.  They also became woman that men no longer ran all over and they had ownership over the decisions they made. 

Most woman with Master's Degrees are more likely to follow what Oprah is doing than Amber Rose.  Everyone knows her story because she put it out there she has nothing to hide and she is confident in herself and her body.  I feel like everyone is entitled to live the way they do.  If you don't like it don't involve yourself with it.  And by all means don't buy the book.  Simple as that.  

I also read an article that was posted on Facebook about Iggy Azalea "acting black", so educated black woman shouldn't "act white", and I shouldn't sound like a white girl solely because I am of Indian heritage?  Because according to you I should've brought island twang that I had no connections with.  Umm get with the program people, the sole reason we live in the U S of A is because we have the freedom to be who ever we want to be.  I don't see how Iggy Azalea is taking away from Southern black Americans, if you can do what she is doing then do it.  Otherwise sit back and be quiet.  Seriously.  

Did you ever read any background on her she moved from her country at the age of 16 living in the southern part of the states if I remember correct Atlanta is in the south and didn't you adapt to your surrounding while growing up?  She didn't live a lavish lifestyle her dad was a painter and her mother clean houses/hotels for crying out loud.  I believe she can relate to the hip-hop urban community. Why don't you find out a little back ground before you decide to knock someone down.  And of course you are entitled to your own opinion as I am too, so I understand why you felt the need to write this article, but you say more about yourself in this article than you do about Iggy Azalea.  

As Americans (not male, female, black, or white) we should uplift each other and encourage one another because we all benefit from the success of others.  Amber Rose may not be the perfect role model I get that, but she may have some insight as to how to rise from the ashes, dust yourself off and be a Bad B**** as she states.  Iggy Azalea obviously isn't black [obviously] but last time I check Black America didn't own the rights to Hip-Hop and Eminem isn't white so why are you knocking Iggy Azalea? 

The sad part is that both of these comments were stated or written by woman who decided that another woman wasn't good enough to do pursue their dream in the field that they desired to be in.  I wonder what will they say to the next female football player, or the first female drafted into the MLB?  The more woman break barriers on predominantly male sectors the more woman become the equal of men.  So I say go, head with yo bad self.  (Oh wait I guess I should say that being an Indian girl from an Urban Houston, TX.)

We as woman are our own worst enemies and the next time you want to blame a man for holding down the woman of America, take a look at what you've done to bring it up.