July Vibes

It is July, can you believe it?  This year has literally flown by, I can barely remember what I did for my birthday in January, or yesterday for that matter.  Let's be real! 

With half of the year over I have some July items I am currently loving and I can't wait to get my hands on some of them. = D  

1. Simple Dresses - I recently picked up a simple black dress from Target and I am in love.  

2. Maxi Skirts - I am 5'1 so finding a Maxi skirt that doesn't have to go directly under my chest is hard, but I am loving these simple no fluff Maxi Skirts, especially when paired with a simple tshirt. 

3. Simple yet Chic Outfits - I am definitely a jeans and Tshirt kind of girl.  I will throw my converse, ripped jeans, and a tee on any day any time.  Honestly, if I could live in jeans and tshirts all day er day, I'd be happy. 

4. Arm Candy - I finally picked up a new watch and I am in the market for more bracelets, I suck at keeping my jewelry so until I get my own house I have been dreading on picking up something I absolutely love. 

5. Ripped Jeans - [still in the market for a black pair of ripped jeans] I have more ripped jeans, shorts than anything at the moment so Casual Jean Fridays are getting harder and harder at work.