I feel like I need a change.

I feel like I need a change, but I have no clue what it is.

I am not sure if it is the brink of me turning 30 or what.  I have told you guys before I always have these bright ideas but I feel like I write them down, lose them or never look back at them.  I really want to get some things going but I am tired of doing things half ass.  I really want to continue with my photography but I am not sure exactly how to go about it.  I have a few starting points, but I can't seem to get past this.   


I want to focus my business solely around woman, I want women to see their own beauty and be inspired by it.  It has been something that I am very passionate about, but I feel lost in getting it out there.  My age range is starting from 10 and up.  I have always had my struggles with self confidence and feeling good in my own skin, and I want to help woman with that struggle.  


I love speaking about my life, but I feel like I need to change the blog.  I love recipes, fashion, beauty and travel, but I feel like this so far has been centered mostly around my life.  Solely because writing life post are easy for me.  But easy isn't always what is best and I don't want to lose passion in it all.  So if you see some changes around here, it's still me just changing things up a bit.  


I have always had a strong passion to own an online boutique if you ask any of my friends they will tell you how much I blab about it.  This blog was thought up so I could get my name out there and then eventually launch a clothing line boutique.  I do not want a store front at all.  I don't want to deal with all the bills associated with that.  I love online stores.  This, of course is a slow work in progress but I hope to build it up within the next year. 


I want to live much more simpler than I do.  I feel less of the need to be attached to my cellphone and social media.  I have debated on getting rid of some of my social media accounts for a while just to focus solely on one.  I have always love Instagram and I completely suck at posting on Facebook.  So I might remove these from my phone for a bit and if I am at a computer I will try to login on occasion.  If you don't follow Hey, Sweet Pea you most definitely should, and sign up for their newsletter they are pretty amazing.  I want to live a simpler life so that I can be my own boss and make my own living.  I am finding that we are too busy worrying about keeping up with the Jones' that we can barely keep up with ourselves.  

I feel like life is throwing me lemons and I need to make some lemonade