On Fridays, We Wear Jeans


Whilst in mid yawn I am writing you, I had to wake up much earlier than I normally do because E had to pick up a company vehicle, finally one of our cars can go on vacation for a bit.  

At my job we get to wear jeans on Fridays and I wish it was an everyday thing and I am completely debating on dress code being a strong Pro in the fight to work from home.  I mean, of course there are some Cons like making yourself get up early so you can actually get work done instead of waking up at noon.  Creatively I feel like I am much more productive before lunch, after lunch forget it!  

I also feel like I need to do a minimalist living plan, like once I do work from home and possibly take a pay cut initially what I can cut in our expenses that I over use, over pay for.  I really want to dive into this 37 item wardrobe thing though.  If you don't know what I mean you can read it here.  

I also feel like once I am home I can use less data even though mine is currently unlimited, I don't plan on upgrading so I can hold onto this for a long as humanly possible.  Which would put a huge dent in our phone bill.  Also does anyone even use cable anymore, I have less and less time to sit at a TV at a designated time anymore, it is much easier to watch OnDemand or online.   

I feel like I am living too much of my life on social media.  I love Twitter and Instagram it minimizes the amount of info you can put out there so it makes you think of what is important enough to tell.

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Plus I need to get on the hot dog of scheduling post so I can make the most out of this blog.  So maybe one day this can say on Fridays We Wear Pajamas.  

Current Pros Of Working from Home  

1. I can learn Spanish. 

2. I can cook from home more often. 

3. I can get in the grocery stores without the crowds, grocery stores should be the only stores you actually go into now a days. : ]  

4. I can eat healthier. 

5. I can stay much more organized. 

6. I can have less stress.  


Do you work from home? What are the things you love about it?  

This below would tots be my daily work attire!  


PS: I am going to Waco this weekend! Fixer Upper city here we come! And Chip Gaines tweeted me! 😬