let's get coffee

Coffee Chit Chat - by: Vashti Co.

hi guys, i have been doing some much needed behind the scenes work & as much as I hate to give you guys no post twice this week, i decided the least i could do was a little chit chat with you guys.

i hope you guys have been having a wonderful week, i have finally had a cup of coffee and no longer look like the zombie bride.  LOL.  lunch time is vastly approaching and as this post is going to probably get to you a lot later than i hope, i am glad to at least give you something.

there is going to be a few announcements for the blog via the newsletter so once you see the sign up for that make sure and get my monthly lovin' directly to your mailbox & i would love to hear your feed back. 

there is also an easy sign up for bloglovin' which since a few of their recent updates, it is pretty darn amazing to be able to connect with blogs and comment via your mobile.  i don't know about you but i have the hardest time being able to comment via the internet as i don't walk around with anything besides my phone very often.  i hope to make a change in that department as well. 

i have changed the sidebar over to the left, i felt like it was more eye catching that way.  i also hope the site is loading faster i made some changes in that area as well.

i know i have been talking a lot about getting more fashion post up for you guys and i still hope to do that.  we are a few weeks within moving to a new area while our house is built so i have been focusing a lot on that.  it will be a lot easier for me to take photos without having to beg e to help out.  i may also do a vlog, but don't hold me to that since i am super awkward on camera and my life is fairly dull.  

if you haven't checked out my instagram i have been doing my best to keep it to eye catching & as less selfies as possible. 

i have been trying to keep in tune with The Haute Notes feel good blogging series and i definitely need some blogging friends, so if you are in the market as well.  please reach out.  

mucho besitos  [peep that spanish, lol]