Weddings On The Weekend

you will see some changes as i have discussed in previous post on the blog, i have decided to merge my photography and lifestyle blog together as one unit.  if you are a blogger or photographer for that matter you are well aware of the struggle it is to keep one afloat let alone two.  

i initially wanted to keep everything separate but they are both equally so much part of who i am that merging them was the most logical decision.  until i get in the rhythm of things photography post will be here and there as i go.  in order to keep you on your toes i will continue to post different things on different days depending on how i feel.  i am still working on planning out post, getting better at social media posting.  

but enough about the logistics of the behind-the-scenes, i know you are dying to hear about my weekend.  one of my cousins tied the knot this weekend and married her long time love at le jardin the ceremony was sweet [yes, i teared up a little as usual.] my sis in law being the twilight fan that she is [aren't we all] said that it reminded her of the gazebo at the ending of the first movie.  and i couldn't agree more. 

while i decided to not take pictures during the ceremony to fully enjoy it myself i did snap a few of us, and my niece and nephew.  it was after all national auntie day this weekend.  my niece was so excited because my cousin works at her elementary school and to be at her wedding was a big deal.  

below is my weekend in photos, enjoy!


So those two up there are my niece and nephew aren't they the cutest people ever, well besides me of course.  But you can totally tell where they get their looks from.  = D shh we won't tell their mom I said that [unless she reads this of course].  I did my own make up,  yes you heard me right.  I was finally able to somewhat put my face together all on my own, thanks to family, friends, and a ton of youtube videos like a ton! 

My friend T helped me put together this look of the night but I will go into detail on that in tomorrows post.  

I just wanted to wish my cousin [hot girl down below] a very happy, blissful marriage.  You guys look amazing! 


of course, I couldn't leave my love out of today's post.  check back tomorrow for details on my outfit.  I must admit we look pretty damn good.