Top Eats for July 4th

Hi Dolls.

I seriously debated on waking up and doing this post today, but after having to wake up at 5 am every morning when you finally have a day to sleep in you barely get past 7am and your body is like "what are you doing.?"

I probably should've been able to write this post last night while E was off playing poker but I was distracted by a million other things as per the usual.

I have been working on some behind the scene details for the blog and I am hoping to bring them to light this month.

Tomorrow is July 4th, I still can't believe we are already in July and the first week is almost over. Today I am lining up some must haves for any indoor or outdoor celebrations you will have tomorrow.  

We all know that if you have a party there must be food, or is that just me? 

What are some of your favorite eats & drinks for July 4th? Let me know in the comments below!