Skin Care Routine [Face]

As you get older you get older, not sure if you knew that.  😩 Growing up I didn't wear much makeup because I honestly didn't care for it.  I hated the thought of trying on a shirt and my face coming off with it.  I never wanted to lean on my husband and leave my face on his when I left.  

Of course old age catches up with you, you get thicker in all the wrong places, you get dark circles around your eyes, and you require make up so your co workers stop asking if you are sick.  You realize why SPFs are so important and why you should've started a skin care routine when you were right out of diapers.  Ok I am being a little drastic but it is important.  And this is coming from a girl who until last week skin care routine consisted on washing her face with her dove body wash [dont judge me til you try it].  I love it but I don't want to always apply a bunch of make up I love the natural neutral look [also mostly because I can't do all the fancy stuff myself lol.] 

I have watched my fair share of beauty & skin care routine videos and I figured your skin is your most important canvas.  And regardless of if you put on make up or not you still need to get a skin care routine together because there is a lot of debris in the air that can affect your skin.  

I recently picked up a few items from Lush but I haven't used any of the products yet so I can comment on those.   So I will talk about my current skin care routine.  

In the mornings I use my Burt's Bee's Facial Moisturizer prior to apply any make up.

Once I shower I use my Dove Body Wash to remove any make up of the day.  After that is complete I apply my under eye cream to help with the dark circles, and the oil to help with skin moisture and firming.   

I did pick these up at my visit to The Wellness Center & Well Polished Beauty Bar a few weeks ago and I feel like I can notice a difference in my dark circles for the better and my skin feels pretty good since using the oil. 

PS: Sorry for the crappy pictures, I am working on a space to make better photos for you guys.  

What is your current skin care routine? Any tips/tricks for sensitive skin?