Just here, you know.

by: Vashti Co | Just here, you know!

hi loves. 

i hope you had a wonderful weekend, and i was hoping to get a lot done yesterday since i was off from my full time job, nope not a chance.  

but i won't bore you with details.   : ]

I have been on a mission to get this blog into shape and I am still in debate mode to take it down for about a week to get things looking just how i want them, set up my newsletter goodness & get some more freebies DONE FOR YOU GUYS.

Also, I have been spending some time learning how to write better with hey, Sweet Pea.  So I want to make sure I take the time to make my post as pleasurable as possible for you, my readers.  

I feel like a lot of my stuff has been good, but not as great as it should be.  So I want to make sure that I am providing my readers with the quality stuff that they like to read.  

The other day I introduced you to an app that I spelled the name wrong for all over my blog post, sorry Steller it should be fixed now.  Still loving that app by the way.  But that is one of my issues, I am posting without editing.  Sorry guys, my deepest apologies. 

I need to write my stuff down, worst habit ever is not writing stuff down.  But I must ask why do you get all your brightest ideas during the night? Or is this just me? & by that time I am so comfortable in E's arms that I am just like nope, not moving. 

But instead of tell you all that I need to do I wanted to show you who inspires me.  

Here are a few people who inspire me.  

Casey Neistat, if you don't know, now you know.  Subscribe to him, you won't regret it. Be inspired to work hard. 

Desi Perkins, doesn't take herself seriously and I like that.  

Jessica Kobeissi, very talented photographer in Michigan.  

Willdabeast , besides the fact that he can dance & is an amazing choreographer he is changing people's lives for the better & I love that. 

So if I could only dance like Willdabeast, Photograph like Jessica Kobeissi, have a personality like Desi and live like Casey, i'd totally be set & the coolest person on the planet.  But until then, ill talk with you loves next week when [fingers crossed] I am somewhat semi satisfied with what is going on with this amazing little blog of mine.