Hiring a Wedding Photographer is Always a Good Idea

by: Vashti Co Blog | Why hiring a wedding photographer is always a good idea.

A good friend of mine recently got engaged. I legit don't even know what her face looks like anymore because, I get ring finger pictures every morning.  Which I'm totally COOL WITH & makes me laugh and also wonder, if I was as excited as she was about my ring.  

I hope so because I absolutely love my ring.  But this isn't about me, it is about you.  Those of you out there that are getting married soon.  The one's who posted that picture on instagram with the hashtags, #heproposed #isaidyes #wereengaged #heputaringonit.  By the way, congratulations! 

But now comes the task of what vendors to get and who to hire, being a photographer, past newly engaged & newly wed that I am.  I figured it was only right and my duty, I'd give you some insight into why you should definitely get a professional wedding photographer.

Professional is defined as "of a person, engaged in a specified activity as one's main paid occupation rather than as a past time".  This isn't a past time for me, but it also isn't my main paid occupation either so I'll coin myself as a semi-professional photographer LOL.  jk I'm totally professional, I promise.

Moving on, as to why you are probably here.  Why hiring a wedding photographer is a good idea? It is a great idea because wedding photographers spend a lot of attention to details, they specifically revolve their day around photographing you and your love + all of the amazing-ness that you spend a lot of time on.  

Before you read this I want to be very clear, I don't want you to leave this post thinking that I believe that everyone should pay for a wedding photographer or just because I am one now that I am using it as a plot to get more clients, while I'd love more clients.  I actually care.  

You see when it was time for me to start planning my wedding, which was before I knew anything about photography or wedding photography for that matter.  I didn't know or understand why it was so important to get a wedding [specific] photographer.  

However, you can take this advice as you choose.  HIRE a wedding photographer!, hire someone who has a portfolio that directly reflects what you envision your special day's photos to look like & someone you feel you mesh well with.  Your photographer should be one of the first things you book, sometimes even before the venue.  

Most wedding photographers can tell you why a facility isn't a great choice, or if what you are looking for in your photos can even be recreated there.  A planner can sometimes help you create a vision you are going for and you can then include the photographer to give you some input, but your friend's, friend who happens to have a camera won't do YOU any justice.  Trust me on this one, I know from experience. 

You see I hired a friend of a family member for my wedding, and while they were a photographer they were not a wedding photographer, they were a architectural/landscape photographer.  And the last time I checked I wasn't a building or a mountain. 

So while my pictures weren't that bad, they weren't that great either and I wish I could do it all over again with a wedding photographer.  There are a lot of details that you spend countless hours perfecting for your special day, and it only happens once.  And the only person who knows how special they are to you is your photographer.  They get the time and effort that it takes to plan a wedding and they are very appreciative for all the little attention to detail that you devote especially to that day.  

These details are the things that will be talked about for years and years to come, if you wore your mother's earrings, and your grandmother's pearls.  All of those little calligraphy invitations you spent time ordering.  The little labels you and your friends spent countless hours putting on water bottles, etc. These pictures will be the pictures you look back at after milestones happen in life, so these details & moments are worth capturing.    

*This was posted to my photo site prior to merging and a few additions were added, and the picture above was taken by me and you can see more here