Today is The Day.

Girl, Yes!

Today is the day that I take this baby down for about three weeks, starting at 10p tonight! I am going to step back and take a good hard look at it, write notes, throw those notes out, write some more & finally get this bad girl into shape.    

I am going to spend some of the weekend getting ideas at least written down, but besides that I am taking a momentary break from it all.  On Sunday, I am going with my parents down to the river in New Braunsfels, my three nieces and nephew are also coming along, so this should be fun.  

But honestly I can't wait to finally have some time away from everything, to just hang out with them.  They have been off this entire summer and I haven't had much time to just see them. Of course, two of them are getting older and all they care about is tween, teen stuff.  Which you can't be mad at them they are growing up [insert ugly crying face].  I am however, taking my camera with me and I hope to get some good pictures of them for the summer, I'm imagining water splashes and all.  

It is crazy how when you are growing up you want to be away from your parent's as much as possible trying to "live" life in a sense, but now that I am getting older and my aspiration and goals have changed, I find myself gravitating more and more to my parents.  It's weird my mom and I have a better relationship [at least I feel like we do] now that I am older, than when I was younger.  My mother has always been a boy's mom, she could relate easier to them and I guess they were overall easier for her to manage than a girl.  I feel like I can now relate and talk to my mom much more now than then. 

I feel like when you get older you have a much more larger sense of self.  You know what you want and where you want to be, who you want to be around, etc.  I think when you are growing up you are still trying to figure all of that out.  I recently read a blog Life of Liss, and she discusses how writing has helped her in a sense figure out who she is. And I couldn't agree with her more. 


When I originally started this blog, I felt as though I needed to write to every last person out there, and I feel like I wasn't reaching anyone.  I have page views, etc., but who is actually reading my blog.  I have no clue so enter the soon-to-be-changes. I have taken classes, watch YouTube videos, join social media groups, and etc.  This isn't something that I am just sitting around twiddling my thumbs and hoping for nothing.  

This is something I really want.  There will be a few topics that are tossed to the archives, you can go back and read them when you like, but moving forward they will no longer have a space here.  I am thinking of developing a newsletter, but I can't go into much detail about that.  You'll have to sign up. 

They say that you should define your reader, name her [mine is a her your's can be a him] and imagine her lifestyle into your blog. My perfect reader: loves selfies, enjoys life, is outgoing, makes an effort with her family and friends and loves of course shopping & make up, good food + travel.  She is a motivation to others around her, a shoulder to lean on tough-love friend.  She is there for good and bad, ups and downs.  She is all about self-worth and knowing that she is and always will be worth it.  She is a Girl, Yes!, kind of girl who always puts herself out there and just enjoys life.  

She is the girl that I hope to grow towards.  She is the girl who invests in herself and her happiness.  

I hope when I return that these new changes achieve and reach out to that girl/woman.  Pray for me y'all. 

& I leave you with this. 

heysweetpea“You have to believe with all of your heart that you matter. You have to believe that your differences or voids stand for something far greater than you may see right now. You have to believe that you are allowed to let go of what's expected and just be you, because it's only you that can turn the unimaginable into the possible.”#BecomingIrresistible


See you guys on the flip side.