The Benefits of Coconut Oil

I know the coconut oil trend has been in for a while now and this may be old news to you guys but I had to gush about my experience with it.

You see recently my hair, and skin has been incredibly dry and I have changed from lotion to cremes, and used vaseline which all can attribute to better skin. But on top of those I love me some Coconut Oil.  

I went to my local Trader Joe's [Kroger also has it].  I wish I would've used it right away when I arrived home, but I put it off for a few months.  I am a stickler for not trying new things. 

I initially started using it as a monthly hair treatment because I was having the itchy scalp that normally plagues me during the winter.  Of course, it was on my hands so I was like what the heck let me just rub it on my feet since those are terribly dry year round due to wearing flats on a consistent basis to work.

Coconut Oil didn't give me the daily hair that I was wanting, but Coconut Milk did.  I recently made a run to Target to pick up some of the necessary [and of course not so necessary items] and I decided to get some Coconut Milk, since it is already in the "liquid" form.  I use this on my ends since I have recently been dying my hair a lighter color it is best for saving your ends to damage.  I also read that Blake Lively puts it on her ends before shampooing so it doesn't strip away the little moisture your end have.  

I can't stress enough how much I am in love with Coconut Oil.  I was previously using Moroccan Oil, which would help during the times that I was using heat to tame fly aways, but it wasn't actually doing anything for my daily hair.

I was having this issue when I slept my ends were literally rolling up into knots.  KNOTS! People.  And for a girl who use to not even brush her hair in the mornings [hey, don't judge I had amazing hair].  There are a few things I have to have "on point" my eyebrows, my hair, and my nails.  If I don't have make up on I can still make it through the day, but otherwise I can't or I feel out of place without those other things looking whats the word " on fleek"?

Anyways.  I washed my hair, towel dried it and then put some Coconut Milk on it.  I let it air dry a little and then finished drying it with my blow dryer. 

This morning to my amazement my ends were PERFECT!  So needless to say I had to jump on my blog and gush about it.

The next thing I want to try is the Coconut Sugar Scrub! = ) AHHH sugar scrubs I love thee. 

Coconut Oil/Milk has a lot of uses to it.  I am too timid to try it in my food, or to help lose body fat. 

If you have tried Coconut Oil/Milk I would love to hear your feedback.