Let Me Re-introduce Myself

by: Vashti Co Blog | A reintroduction of me, to you.  A tale of re-purposing old blog post.

Hi there.  

I've re-purpose one of my archive post because I felt like it was relevant, in this re-branding journey.

My name is Vashti, [check out my about page if you get a chance].  I am a blogger & photographer based out of the Houston, TX area.  I was born and raised in Houston, but my parents are from an island in the Caribbean called Trinidad and Tobago.  I still have a 9-5, that pays the bills while I pursue my photography & blogging dreams [& my shopping habits].  When I have free time, I love to eat at food trucks with my husband, go to the beach, walk my dogs, spend time with my family, and of course go shopping.

A few facts:

  1. I grew up a die hard Tom Boy, I use to wear eye liner and mascara. 
  2. I love Curry Chicken and Roti - Trinidad Style 
  3. I am very shy, introverted. 
  4. My favorite color is now mint green, it change from just green. [such a rebel right?]
  5. I have three dogs. Karma. Diesel. & Chloe. [they are all pit-bulls, whom I adore]
  6. I have 3 older brothers. 2 sister in laws. 2 nephews. & 3 nieces. 1 mom.  1 dad. 1 husband. 
  7. I have the travel bug recently & may start a food/travel blog for fun.  

I'm sure you may be wondering, so what made you want to start a blog?  I have always thought I was the creative type, but I can't draw or paint to save my life.  I have always had this ability to write.  Give me a topic and I could go on for days.  Ask me to write about what was on my mind and poof, I couldn't write to save my life.  I started finding all these wonderful blogs on Pinterest and all over the internet.  They were about being a wife, a mother, a fashionista, and all these dream chasers were telling their stories.  And I wanted to be one of them.

A year after my husband and I tied the knot we found out that I had PCOS.  While at the time I wasn't very concerned about it.  Over the years it has been a hard road to deal with and I thought well maybe people should know about this.  So I wanted to write about it.  But I never could.  I could never bare myself to the world, or to all the people who already judge me.


It was time to write down in words why my husband and I needed so much money for my fertility problems on our GiveForward Fundraiser.  I wrote and I cried and I wrote.  I felt like I couldn't stop and that I needed to let them know my story.  Judgement or not. 

I had two previous blogs, which groomed me into the blogger I am today. I initially started a blog with my best friend but her life was pretty busy with two kids and I didn't want "our" blog to be about me, so I created a blog called Here's To Taking Chances.  I did more blogging there and started to get better at the blogging thing but I wanted something to be more of me and that is when I finally decided to create this blog.  

I hope I can be relate-able to fellow bloggers, to young girls, and to woman in general.  I really want my readers to be able to connect with me.  I recently decided to re-brand and re-focus on where I want this blog to go.  And since merging the photography site and my personal lifestyle blog.  There were so many changes that needed to happen.  I decided it was time to cut back on the BS content I was putting out there, and make this real.  It was real before, but just for real fun.  You know?  And now it is time for this to be a business and a place that I can be creative.  I am even thinking of taking some design courses from fellow designers, bloggers, etc.  I always throw a million things at a board and see what sticks [that's the saying right?].  I am always doing too much.  But I wanted to see what I could do with the least amount of money [for now] to get my little blog to be the big blog I see it becoming.   

Now I want to focus on directing my energy to uplifting, inspiring and helping young girls and woman.  I want to solely be a women's portrait photographer and I want my blog to reflect that as well.  I still want to shoot weddings on occasion but I also want to be selective, with those.  I know each love has a story and I want to be able to tell that directly, it isn't all about the money for me it is about the story.  Money pays the bills, but the story fills the soul.  I want to venture into city hall weddings, elopements, etc. 

The one thing I want readers to leave with from my blog, is the ability to connect with me.  To be able to relate to my post and if I can spark even the tiniest flame within someone to follow their dreams.  I will have succeeded in my goals with this blog and my photography.  I want to be completely, and utterly in love with every aspect of my work, whether it is writing or photography.  Life is too short to live any other way.  

But, I leave you with this.

- take the chances that will guide you into to living your dreams, instead of just envisioning them -


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