Life Lessons: Influenced by "The Devil Wears Prada"

life lessons: from the devil wears prada

There are a lot of things that do it for me, you know get me wanting to write. 


2. Photos. [check out Ben SassoDaniel Colvin, and 1924us]

3. Movies. [anything sappy, funny and moving.] 

Have you ever watched a movie a million times, but then there is this one time when you are watching, & you actually feel something. 

On every occasion that "The Devil Wears Prada" is on T.V., for whatever reason my husband, yes my husband will turn it on.  I have never asked, nor questioned it I just go with the flow.  [hey, it's not football don't judge me.]

Last night, we were watching it once again and I couldn't help but feel something.  You know the part where Andy goes into Nigel's office and tells him how Miranda hates her.  How she actually is trying, but he reminds her that she isn't?  

Yeah that part.  It got to me.

You see, I am currently in a job where to be brutally honest, I hate it.  It isn't the worst job out there.  Of course, I have had much more fun at other jobs, but paid much more less as well.  I have always prided myself in doing my best, whether it be in school, or at work. 

As of recent, my work is good, but it isn't great.  It isn't what it was when I once started and I keep getting the urge to want to just leave.  Not be here and move on.  

But, not to work at another company.  I found myself putting in my resume for other jobs, but not caring if I received the position or the phone call.  I want to be my own boss.  Write, Photograph, and Build my dreams. 

I have moved on.

I wholeheartedly wish I could quit my job.  

I have stopped trying solely because I hate it here, but that doesn't give me the right to do so.  I decided recently that my "work" is a direct reflection of me.  And I shouldn't stop producing greatness solely because I am not in the best position.  Or given the credit for the work, I produce.

You never know who is going to notice the work you are doing.  Take into account, that your work today may reflect your job offer tomorrow.  If you are creating your own "job offer" then realize that you can't give up on your boss-hood.  If you were producing the same work you are now, would you hire yourself?  I sure wouldn't. 

Before you go to college you write an essays, not because they want to know you can write but so they can get to know you, and understand your story.  

You have a legacy, make it one worth reading.