This is so, Steller!

This is so Steller | by Vashti Co blog - Handheld way to have your blog in multiple hands at once.

I'm pretty sure that I may be late to the game when it comes to the Steller App, but I am glad that I finally found it.  It is like a supe'd up instagram.  And I love it. Like LOVE it. 

I found it recently while browsing through the must have apps in the apple app store.  It is similar to having a mini blog in the palm of your hands.  I feel like this is a cool app, that instead of sharing all of your movements throughout the day you can tell a story about your day, you don't leave your followers with the lingering wonder of well what happened next.  I know there are only so many caption options that you can use on instagram, you must put a emoji or period in order to create a paragraph on instagram but with Stellar you can paragraph away, not problems.    

I am very much a lover of stories, I feel like half of my photography hasn't made it to the blog solely because I feel like I am not telling the story properly.  I have been yearning to up my writing game so that I can reach more people and create a place that I love & I believe Steller is going to help with that. 

But enough about me, let's talk Steller.

Steller is great especially for businesses big or small because you are able to properly link all of your social medias and websites all in one place.  Which I love! 

You can tell people about new things you are offering, and you can essentially create little tidbits for your followers, clients, etc.  It might be my new favorite social media platform.  

You can find me here.


Steller is a story telling app, where you can put different stories into one "collection"


How to Stellar:

  1. Download and Open Steller App. 
  2. Choose your theme: You can preview each theme by "tap & hold" on each them for a preview before choosing. 
  3. Once you select your theme you can then choose up to 20 photos or videos to add to the collection.
  4. After that you are taken to your "draft" mode, if you can't finish it make sure to save your draft. 
  5. Click each image and choose the specific layout, if no change needs to be made move on.  At this point you can also add pages to enter words, etc. 
  6. If you click on the page icon in the preview draft mode you can change the theme if you are not satisfied with your current choice, you can also remove pages.
  7. Then you can preview your story as it will be viewed my others. 
  8. You can either hit the publish button or you can go back to continue edits, etc. Once you publish it you can your story to an already configured collection or you can start a new collection.  Be sure when you start your story you have your collection in mind.  You don't want to group bridal pictures with couples photos.  Or mix your trip to Seattle with your trip to New York unless you did all of that in one weekend then I could totally see that working.  = D