5 Reasons To Book an Engagement Session


1.  You can get familiar and comfortable with your "soon to be wedding photographer".

2.  You get comfortable in front of the camera, with posing and direction.

3.  You have pictures to show off at your wedding, for Save The Dates, and wedding favors.

4. You get a reason to go shopping. Best Reason Ever!

5.  You get to show off professional pictures to everyone saying, "HEY! We are engaged & cute!"

While I totally agree with all of the above reasons [I wrote it of course I agree], #1 is at the top for a very BIG reason.  A wedding photographer is a huge part of your wedding, because while you are out there creating all of your memories they are capturing all of those memories and moments you may miss.  [side note: I totally missed my nephew break dancing at my wedding, & so did the photographer : ( ]

The engagement session has a lot to do with meeting your photographer.  You normally do an initial face to face consult but that doesn't give you a feel for them.  But at the session itself you are able show them who you are and what matters the most to you.  They get to know your personality and your soon to be's personality, they learn the things that make you, you so that they can help make your images tell your story.  And the best you stands out.  In a sense the photographer needs to be your new "best friend". And might possibly be after the wedding.  

Not only does your photographer get to know you, but you get to know them.  If you are uncomfortable, or you get a different photographer on the day of your engagement shoot you can suspect to get the same the day of your wedding.  If you get weird vibes, you don't want them as your photographer.  

If you don't like the way your engagement photos came out or how the process went between you and the photographer this is your sign to get out of dodge. Don't pass go and most definitely do not put down a deposit, retainer fee, or whatever jargon is use to hold you to a said contract. 

I feel like a large part of being a photographer in general is that you are able to tell a story to make someone fall in love, entirely with what you are offering.  And if I don't do that for you, I am not your girl.  I always tell my clients that I photograph, I need some soul.  And that is exactly what I want you to feel when you look at your pictures.  I want you to feel something. 

As always feel free to reach out to me, and if you want more of these types of post let me know in the comments below or on social media. 

oh and those two cuties got married this past weekend so hopefully I can get a full post dedicated to all of their cuteness up on the blog for you soon.