Don't be like the rest of them, darling


I have been all over the place lately, trying to get things in order.  Crazy how that works right?  I have been reading and updating the site as much as possible.

Everyone is a potential client, act accordingly.

Remember when I told you that I was merging my lifestyle blog and photography blogs all into one because I am crazy like that.  Welp! it is well on it's way.  I really feel like I need a good week left to my own devices in order to get this beauty up and running.

I recently participated in a writing class with hey, sweet pea called "Writing to Delight".  I still have a "workbook" that was outline in the class to complete, but I feel so enlightened after taking the class.  It has helped me in soo many ways.  There is so much of my writing that I want to improve and this is just one of the stepping stones to get there.  No more blah, I promise to write better, harder, & much more lovingly.  

I created this freebie, it's your to keep & share.  

Since I am here to inspire the lovely ladies in this world, I want to share a little insight.  I am constantly learning and changing and growing it is a part of life and it is a damn good part of life. I recently read on Elle & Company, that if I am not educating you, being insightful, or entertaining you more than likely you will not return to visit me here and my hope is that you will.  

So in all things insightful can I share a little with you today?

Remember this post, it was the very first post I put on this "new" blog. Well, I needed it recently to remind myself I was falling down that ugly path once again.  I know, I know there is no need to scold me my multiple personalities did enough of that last night.  You all know how much being my own #girlboss means to me and how much I believe in my company [it has taken a while but I am getting there]. I have been working so hard at it that every time I entered my current full time job, I despised it more and more.  

Meanwhile, I am forgetting that all of the money I am working hard for is going to 1. build my dream home, 2. support my future #girlboss endeavors, 3. my shopping habits [most important, jk.], 4. & travel.  Trust me, I can completely understand wanting to stomp around work and put your worst foot forward, I have done it this past year, it not only makes you look bad, it can follow you to all the other places.  

My take on it is that what if one of my clients, talks to one of my bosses and they tell them how they really feel about me.  That is a potential loss to me, I would much rather someone praise me for putting on a good face/attitude than tell someone "Well, she is kind of bitter. Good luck with that one." 

I know that with social media constantly asking "what's on your mind" we feel we have every right to tell everyone exactly what is on my mind.  But honestly, social media makes me think more than I normally would about what I "look" like to others.  Of course, I have that moment when someone cuts me off on the freeway and I want to post a rant, but I don't.  Because that is a direct reflection of how I handle a difficult situation. I know sometimes we have our moments that we need to vent, but find a friend and vent to them.  Just don't only use them to vent.  

Tip of the day: Everyone is a potential client, act accordingly.