Think Before You Take [Posting with Intention]

By: Vashti Co, taking pictures with intention.  A few steps to boost your social media presence with your images.

As I started the journey of merging my two loves blogging and photography together [phologging as I call it], I started to research a lot about how both my business and myself  looked on social media platforms.  Am I cohesive?  Do I have the same personality on all of my platforms? Do my pictures reflect who and what I represent?  

Today I want to talk about styling your social media images, not because life should be "styled" but because their is beauty in all that you do.  You just need to portray it properly.  

Don't be scared to use any and everything around you.  Unless you are in a public place and the item doesn't belong to you. 

1. Gather all images you can use to photograph.  Make sure you either have good lighting [mine wasn't great here]. Also make sure the background has detail to it or if your items have a lot of detail try to get a plain background to make them stand out.


2. Style your items two different ways so that you have two options once you are done to look at.  I do a simple approach to it and then a little less simple.  Depending on how I feel I may sometimes post something a little less traditional, and has a little more character to it [hence the coffee stain & lid off in the image on the left].


4.  If you don't have perfect lighting as I did in this situation, do yourself a favor and download some editing apps on your device.   I have a few on my phone [snapseed, enlight, afterlight, vscocam, & instasize].

5. Once you have it to your visual liking post away to your social media platforms, hashtag away and wait for the likes & follow to roll in.  

6.  If likes and follows aren't a major concern then sit back, relax, and enjoy your new image. 




Do you use any style before posting to social media?

let me know of any other post you are hoping for I can always use the inspiration. 

And most importantly have a wonderfully amazing weekend!