Beauty Tip: How to Make Your Feet Feel "just had a pedicure" Soft

In a few more days fall will be here but if you live in Texas, especially South Texas boots don't arrive until almost late November.  I can feel the cooler weather in the mornings and evenings and that is about it, the rest of the day it is still 87 and higher.  

I almost always wear flats to work, and I started noticing that my feet were getting very dry.  I noticed that my feet were the softest after leaving the nail salon.  So the last time I was at the nail salon I asked my nail lady what was the best thing for me to do about my dry feet.  You'd be surprised by her recommendation.  

No you don't have to go out and buy or make a sugar scrub but those are nice to have on hand in case. The things you will need, you might have already around the house.  

Things you will need: 

  1. 1 - pair of long socks
  2. Jar of Vaseline 

The reason I recommend long socks is because if I put on shorter socks I have a tendency to kick them off at night.  It is best to leave the vaseline on your feet over night.  I don't think it is good to do this during the day unless you plan on wearing tennis shoes because your feet will slide around due to the vaseline.  

I have tried this numerous times after wearing flats, and getting scratched by our puppies and both times after doing this for two nights my feet felt amazing.