Travel Necessary - Shopping in Waco

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I probably have talked wayy too much about Waco on here, but since I love it so much I can't help it.  I know that the opening of the Silos is coming up and I am unfortunately going to miss it, tickets are already booked for Miami and I honestly can't wait to go sink my feet in some sand.  

But I wanted to share with you guys a few things we picked up while in Waco.  I would totally love to visit it again.  It is a very quaint town but it has so much beauty.  

When we visited we were sure to stop by the Magnolia Market and I picked up this cute little antique tray, I hope to style it in our bedroom so I can layout my jewelry.  I love the color and texture of the tray it is going to fit right in to our house decor. 

My bestie picked up a Gucci purse at the antique shop we visited and it was in fairly good condition.  She also picked up this beautiful cheese tray at Magnolia Farms. 

I, of course had to throw in a few of the items we brought a long with us on the trip to style the photos, but how cute are these 50 cent records she picked up.  

She also thought ahead and brought along some wine with us but the way the weather was that weekend, we found ourselves finding a lot of spots for sweet tea.  = D 

I picked up two t-shirts the Waco is from Magnolia Market, and the green shirt is from Harp Design Co.  Since we are hoping to move soon I don't want to buy a lot of pieces that I can't put up until the house is done, so I hope to make another trip to Waco once we get started to start picking up a few things.  I, so wish I could get one of Clint's beautiful tables in our home.  I will most definitely have to look into purchasing one and getting it back to Houston.  

Oh and before I forget, we stayed at the Spa at Canyon Oaks, I can't say that I recommend it for two single girls traveling alone especially on a weekend.  The reason for this is that no one is on the premises after the Spa closes on Saturday.  Also as we were sitting by the pool a huge garden snake came up to me, I almost died but they stated afterwards that is a very normal occurrence there.