Fall Colors & Outfit Inspiration

Fall Colors & Outfit Inspiration | by Vashti Co Blog

It is fall you guys!

Fall Things I love:

1.  Caramel Brulee Latte
2. Thanksgiving
3. Layering clothing - coats, jackets, scarves, and hats! 
4. Colder weather, to snuggle of course. 

I am just waiting for the day that Starbucks tell me that my favorite drink Caramel Brulee is  available at all locations!  Oh and have you guys heard of this Graham Cracker Latte?  I have heard good things. 

Today on the blog I have put together a few outfit inspirations, things I am loving and fall color must haves!  Each year most colors are recycled, so I solely believe in buying fall items on sale in the summer then having them ready for the fall.  I believe in sales in general, mostly online because I get super anxious in messy sale situations.  Virtual high five if you know what I mean. 


All images were found via Pinterest & if image doesn't take you to link visit my Pinterest page here

Blush / I love blush.  You can wear in the summer, winter, and fall.  It is the black of pinks.  You can layer items on it during the fall/winter if you have thinner items.  I am also loving the longer thin coats that I noticed a lot of girls wearing this summer.  I sometimes feel ridiculous walking around with sweaters in the summer, but in the south they blast the AC indoors because of the summers and it's just a must have.

Army Green / Okay Army Green, is my jam.  I can't believe I only have one pair of pants in this color but I love it.  I really can't wait to add a little more to my wardrobe and kind of like blush it is a versatile color you can still wear this in the summer/spring.  I am in to Tunics - shirts, dresses, etc. Cargo pants love!  I am in love with Alterations Needed outfit inspiration. 

Mustard Yellow / So mustard yellow reminds me a lot of Thanksgiving and since it is my favorite holiday I love Mustard Yellow.  I didn't really embrace my skin tone when I was younger, but I totally love fall colors on my skin now.  There are so many options to choose from and ways to add to Mustard Yellow.  I would definitely choose: navy, army green, black, grey, burgundy, brown to go with Mustard Yellow.  

Maroon / So this is a mesh of Burgandy, Maroon, Wine, all in one because I love them all.  I am in love with Make up looks, nails, and lipsticks in Maroon.  I feel like every where I look there is a Maroon rendition outfit inpsiration or blog post.  It is the color of fall.  I don't read too many magazines I just go specifically by what I like, so if the "fashion industry" hasn't labeled it as the color of fall then too bad.  Because ya girl knows what she likes.