Why You Should Create a Hashtag for your Wedding

We all know how big social media has become, it is one of those things that we love to hate.  It can be tons of fun when it is used in the right ways.  I mean social media probably got you here today to my blog.  

I know we can all say we are over selfies and that our society has made it to where there is less and less family time and more social media time.  Trust me I know my husband complains to me about being on my phone all the time.  I legit have used 61 Gb of data, I am still grandfathered in to the unlimited plan.  

But on the other hand social media relays messages, send pictures, gives grandparents the ability to be present at weddings from overseas, etc.  I mean I have literally seen it all [probably not but you get the expression]. 

So when you create a hashtag, it groups together images, post or information that is connected to that hashtag, so in a sense it creates an "album" of sorts with your hashtag.  I love getting up the next day after a wedding and typing in their hashtag to see who posted what of the night.  

It also give your photographer the ability to let all of your guest when some images are available for print or just to view.  A lot of photographers post "sneak peeks" and if you have a hashtag they can add that to their post and all your guest can be connect to those images.  

Can't think of a hashtag?  Here is a hashtag generator from Wedding Wire, click here. It may not give you the exact hashtag you are looking for but it can give you a starting point.  

So as much as you may dislike social media, creating hashtags are a priceless way to add flare, connect with guest, and remember an unforgettable night.  

What are your thoughts on creating a hashtag for your wedding?