Why I Believe In My Blog

Have you ever run into someone who started something just to do it, chances are that person was me.  No lie.  I have a habit of starting things just because.  Very few of those things stick to the board, sometimes I get tired, bored, or overwhelmed.  But this, this blog here has been one of those things that I put gorilla glue on and it held on for dear life.  Of course, I had many struggles, 3 name changes, two different hosting sites, etc.  Change is good though. 

There are many reasons I started this blogging journey.  I initially wanted to write letters to my unborn children, I wanted to blog about my journey with having PCOS and going through fertility treatments.  Then I also thought well maybe I can have a little space where I can inspire girls just like my nieces to be whoever they want, do whatever it is they dream.  I also wanted a space where I could be me, share my love for food and the milestones I hit learning to boil water, and tell you about my travels.  Then if I made some forever friends along the way, I was all good. 

And maybe now it has become a jumble of all of that, but I also added photography to the mix because it was just becoming too hard to share my work with the world while trying to keep up this blog.  So I have dial back on the personal stuff and save that for my newsletters.  I just want this blog to be for girls and woman of all ages to come and realize that your dreams no matter how big or small you can still achieve them. 

If I was able to reach one person with the words I write here in my little ole blog, then the job of this is complete.  It has fulfilled its purpose.  I could close the doors, but I wont because I know what it is like growing up, dealing with parents [who in my mind at the time, just don't understand], I have dealt with heartache, I have dealt with loss, etc.  I may not have experienced every single thing in life that others have, but I hope that I can still help people here.  I hope to one day either join a charity or create my own and I feel like this blog will be the best place that I can initiate that. 

This blog is where my inner & outer [for that matter] introverted self can be the most outspoken person I could possibly be, and maybe it is because the conversation is one sided and I can get it all out without someone interrupting me or judging me.  This gives me that little place where it is all about me, where no one else matters.  

I hope this blog grows me into the person I hope to be one day, and helps me help others.  I hope to eventually open an online boutique, have a great client based photography business and be able to spend lots and lots of time loving on my children and husband when that time comes.  Until then this blogging journey has led me here.  Writing to you, about all the dreams I have for this place.  I have so much more in store for this little spot on the web and I hope that you will continue to join me for the ride. 

Do you have a blog?  Are you creating a blog?  I'd love to hear about in the comments below.  


**Oh and if you could, I would love it if you could share this little bit of love for me. Thanks! **