Grandma's are the best.

Today is my husband's Grandma's 75th birthday, she still moves like it is her 25th birthday.  Or I move like I am 75 one of the two. 

My grandmother lives out of the country in Trinidad, so I never had a close relationship with her and sorry G, but Grandpa was my bestie/homie.   

So I didn't expect much of a relationship with E's grandmother.  When we started living with E's grandmother I was initially scared, and a little worried to be honest.  They say you don't truly know someone until you live with them, so I freaked out a little.   I am a bit needy so I could send this family running for the hills, including Grandma.  

But after over 5 years of living with her, I am honestly a better person for living with and knowing E's Grandma.  

It is crazy to think in a few months that we won't be living with her anymore.  I won't open the door to see her crocheting in her room and greeting me at the end of a hard, long day.  I won't get to be the first person to nibble on her fresh batch of cookies [although that has been a while grandma if you're reading this], or get her latest fall scarves.  I won't be there to hear her hysterically laughing at one of the many Netflix sessions that she has, which is one of my favorite things ever.  She won't be there to help me with my latest recipe fail.  She won't be there to rush me to the hospital when I have another emergency or stand by my side when I start crying because life just sucked in that moment.  I won't get to watch Pride and Prejudice [the Keira Knightley version] with her for the umpteeth time.  This will be the last birthday that we spend living with her and it makes me a little sad.  [okay a lot sad, I am crying at work once again.]

Grandma as I/we call her.  Is one amazing woman. And I'm not just saying this to get a fresh batch of cookies [but if it helps!, jk]   

If I ever post a recipe on here you should be very aware that it is only because of Grandma.  When I walked into Grandma's house a few plus years ago, I couldn't cook rice.  Boiling water, I could do kind of not really. My first batch of rice I burned, and grandma was right there I could've died.   

My parents were the cookers in our house and I very rarely found myself in the kitchen to see how to make something, or have the attention span to just sit there and watch.  I was either in my room, watching t.v., or just being a spoiled rotten teenager.  

But I can tell you now that the best relationships are built in the kitchen and in Grandma's house.  

She taught me how to make pie crust [still a work in progress], boil rice, and crochet [I'm not good, don't ask for a sweater you'll get a bracelet].  Besides all of the cooking she has taught me, she has taught me forgiveness, and kindness.  There are so many people that she has helped throughout her years.  I can honestly say that when I leave Grandma's house, I will be a much better person than the day I walked in. 

I don't know if I will ever have a better landlord, role model, cook, therapist, friend than Grandma. 

I am a better me, because of you.  And I thank you a million times over.