You are worth it.

This probably should have been reserved for my monthly newsletter subscribers but I felt like since I recently relaunched the site/blog I should give a little inkling into what the newsletters will be about.  I personally signed up for newsletters from heysweetpea and mrthomasandme, they have really great inspiring newsletters.  If there are any newsletters that I open the most it is those, the newsletter that kick you in the ass and don't allow for excuses.  They get you to write and to be the unaltered for daily use, you.

You know that person who you are supposed to be but you have coated your self with icing in order to fit into some little beautiful cake that the world says you should be.  Yeah, you know what I mean.  I am still that person so I can't sit her and judge you.  I don't judge you, I understand you.  

I understand no longer wanting to be exactly what the world wants.  I understand wanting to step away from the tan cubicle and make life beautiful.  I get it, I get you, I get the dream.  I get it all.  

I took this month off to get a little inspired, re-brand my blog and get better at writing in general. I am not sure why or what reason but my soul kept pulling me to go watch the sunrise in Galveston.  I set an alarm, and it read "You will regret it, if you don't get up!" 

I am not sure if everyone deals with anxiety or the pressure they place on themselves to be better than who they are or further in life than what they are.  But, I do.  The struggle is real

As you get older there are less and less moments where you are alone.  We are always with our phones, having conversations, and always on the go.  I can't even imagine adding kids to the mix.  I'd love to, but right now I need some me time. 

E had to work and I kind of wanted to go alone so that meant there wouldn't be anyone to take picture of me.  So this is what I got, and honestly I love it.  I love the fact that my toes aren't painted, I was literally flustered about 20 minutes before because I couldn't figure out how to pay for parking only to find out that you didn't have to pay that early in the morning, my feet are all messed up because the puppies like to jump all over them, and I love how the sun makes my skin look.  

I also love it because it is a reminder that, I have gotten this far.  I have dealt with my fair share of heart ache and gotten through it.  I have been through fertility treatments only to have them fail and I am still here.  Our marriage has had its ups and downs but we still belong to each other and it still feels like it is just the beginning.  We have had our financial struggles but we are a lot closer than further to building our own home and we have never let it tear us apart. 

I love this picture because it reminds me of how far I have come and how many greater things are yet to come.  My hope for you today is to be kind to yourself, know the struggles you have been through and the process it takes to becoming exactly who, and what you need to be.  Let this serve as a reminder to yourself that you are human and you've got this! 

As I said before I am going to do my best to reserve these heart wrenching, soul searching post in my I write you love series.