A Goodbye Letter to 2015

A Goodbye Letter to 2015 | by Vashti Co.

Dear 2015

A Goodbye Letter to 2015 | by Vashti Co.

I can't say that I am happy to see you go.  Years before I had huge struggles, and life sometimes felt unbearable.  But this year was pretty good.  It could be the fact that this was the last full year of my 20's, I matured a bit, learned a lot about myself and I think to an extent surrounded myself with pretty good people. I tucked a road trip to Waco under my belt, and had a blast in Miami for Halloween.  

This past year wasn't great but it wasn't half that bad either.  Our marriage has grown and while I know the struggles aren't over because we are still growing, we are in an amazing place and I love this man. Even if he does drive me absolutely insanely crazy sometimes. I mean how hard is it to close the shower curtain, hmph. 

The beginning of 2015 started out rough, I kind of hated everyone especially anyone who was able to get pregnant because our attempt at IVF had just failed.  But I have come to the conclusion that I am okay with not having kids, right now.  I have a few more things I can do before kids are added to the mix, like build this house. 

 I can't believe that I will be 30 in a few short weeks and that it is already 2016.  Like where did the time go?

A Goodbye Letter to 2015 | by Vashti Co.
A Goodbye Letter to 2015 | by Vashti Co.

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If you have been here since I started in April you have seen all of the changes here at by Vashti Co., I started in April, re-branded in September and will be making a few more changes starting this year.  I guess that is the lovely thing about a blog, it's yours and you can do what you want.  While there are still a ton of things we need to accomplish we are moving in the right direction.  

A Goodbye Letter to 2015 | by Vashti Co.

I do want to do shoots solely surrounded uplifting women I am always looking for models and I hope to get my first boudoir in the books for this year [hint, hint laura].  Some may call me crazy to want to try to get 5 styled shoot is in the books I am willing to get as close as possible.  The brainstorming has begun! 

I can't wait to finally get moved into my parents because that is one step closer to build our home! And it will be a lot of fun helping my mom decorate and get things for the house, this past weekend we picked up some things from Ikea I can't wait to see in our room.  

There are so many things happening in the first month alone of 2016 so God only knows what is in store for me! 

I pray y'all had a very safe New Year and are ready to tackle this year! We got this! 

What are your thoughts on 2015?

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