Moving Blues

photo cred: Jim DiGritz | Unsplash

Over the weekend we started to pack, clean and move a few things, hoping that the transition over to the new house would be a little easier.  This unfortunately won't be our last move because our current move is another holding place until what I hope will be our final move. 

Moving, it is never easy.  Regardless if you are moving into a brand new home and "getting rid" of everything from your other home.  But moving does change you.

Moving makes you not want to clutter everything again, it makes you realize that yes you didn't have to have that item.  Moving makes you realize how much you have changed over the years  And that while you still love green, bright green isn't necessarily your favorite color and it probably never was.  I think overall my favorite color is black.  That is another story for another day, and maybe a different blog all together, lol.

I can't even begin to tell you how, exhausted and in need of coffee I am this morning.  Besides, the move Houston weather has been an overall kick in the butt.  I will be helping myself to an Airborne or two today.  

Once we are finally moved, I hope to share how everything turns out with you guys.  We are making due with a small space for ourselves and I hope what is in my mind turns out to actually be what I envisioned.  

This weekend we spent a lot of time at mattress and home decor stores and I can't believe how pricey some of the items we had purchased in the past are now.  It is pretty crazy.  I actually need to stop by a furniture store sometime this week and find a couch for my parents. 

So much to do so little time to do it.  

I hope you loves had a wonderfully amazing weekend!