Goals of 2016


Loves, I will admit it right here, right now.  I am your typical set goals, never look at them again type of person.  But I hope this year can be a little different, and while I am not making this list to get down on myself if I don't accomplish it.  I am more so making this list to be happy about how far I have come the same time next year.  

What are your goals for the year of 2016?

  1. Take More Pictures of any and everything
  2. Travel to:
    1. Seattle
    2. New Orleans
    3. Utah
    4. Colorado
  3. Work on 5 Styled Shoots - 
    1. Senior
    2. Boudoir 
    3. Glam Female
    4. Maternity
    5. Mommy + Me
  4. Attend more blogging events
  5. Attend an out of state workshop
  6. Buy the plans for our house
  7. Work with a charity, or start one. 
  8. Lose weight to help, with having babies. 
  9. Care less about the opinions of others
  10. Create an experience for my brand
  11. Be patient
  12. Get organized
  13. Dance more
  14. Get healthy
  15. Start a new blog
  16. Laugh more
  17. Stick my feet in the sand
  18. Build a better relationship with God. 
  19. Drink more water.
  20. Be happy. 
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