If I could see you again.

I am a random person.  We could be in mid conversation and I would totally change the subject without even realizing it.  This morning has been filled with calling to correct an order, fixing work computer issues, detailing a survey for work, preparing an email to send out and then all of a sudden I get the urge to talk about my grandpa. I guess I miss him or I am hormonal. Or that new TV show on E! Hollywood Medium, has me thinking of if I could see him again. 

So let's talk & be random because it is natural for me.

I only remember good things about my grandpa, I mean he was a pretty awesome guy.  And it could be because I was young, I believe I was only 14 when he passed and I don't think I dealt with it when it happened so I get these little spurts of sadness throughout life.  

I vividly remember riding the subway when he and my grandmother lived in New York and falling asleep on his stomach it was very round and almost always the perfect pillow.  He always used this little black comb to fix the side part of his hair and I always remember him being well put together.  

In my head, of course I was his favorite.  My grandpa would've been at my wedding, I would've wanted him to help walk me down the aisle and he would still be my favorite person. 

He didn't live here, he lived in Trinidad so I didn't get to see him all the time.  He and my grandmother would come in town sometimes surprising us and sometimes they even lived here.  He was a do-it-yourself kind of man, which a lot of the men in my family are.  He was savvy, apparently loved the ladies.  He was a typical flirt, had the perfect smile, and was pretty amazing. 

If I could see my grandpa again, I would tell him how much I miss him and how much I wish he were here.  But most importantly I would take his picture so I can have something of his to show my kids one day.  I had to steal the one below from my Aunt's Facebook page. 

I still talk to him sometimes before bed, but I don't get to see him anymore and I hate that.  I wish I had more time to tell him how much he meant/means to me.  I wish I had more time to have him by my side to help me make decisions, to teach me about business.  

Oh and I forgot to mention he was a twin, and according to my aunts he is the one in the black which I can totally agree with.  He was so well put together all the time.  I mean look at that comb-over.

Don't forget to tell someone you love them today and everyday, or take their picture.  You'll hope you did when they are gone. 

If I could see you again | by Vashti Co.