Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures | by Vashti Co.

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Ahh, I just love guilty pleasures.  I try to not O.D, though.

The other day I threw everything out of our refrigerator, old chinese food gone, spaghetti I cooked a week ago gone.  I wish I had thrown all of this out just to help with my new healthy lifestyle but they were literally taking up space in our refrigerator.  I couldn't find our butter lettuce or the cucumber I bought two weeks ago.  Getting organized has been the hardest and most expensive [send me your post on cheap ways to organize].

We will be moving to my mom's new house and I hope to stock up her refrigerator with all things good, I am sure she is jumping for joy. Thankfully my parents eat fairly healthy and cook almost every day of the week.  I hope they like my cooking on my days, and I can't wait to use a crock pot [insert eye popping emoji here].  I am too scared to use one where we are now, and burn down the house. 

Can't some guilty pleasures be good for you?  

Yesterday I talked to my g/f Teresa and since she works for an airline she loves to fly, and so do I.  Travel is fun but it is tough to fit into your life at times.  I have to factor in my work schedule, my husband's schedule and our dogs.  So for me this is totally a guilty pleasure, I feel guilty at times just doing it but once my feet touch the grown in a new city. I can't help but forget all of my worries. 

Time Alone
Sometimes I need time to myself where I can be left alone and not bothered.  I mean can I even call this a guilty pleasure? It is literally needed for my sanity.  Last night, E said when we build our house he wants his own room because I wasn't be that nice and I said nice idea, since he hogs the remote every night.  I am sure we will have a room of our own, mine will be a craft/editing room and his will probably be something like a man cave or something of the sort.  

I will admit it Justin Beiber's new music is a guilty pleasure for me.  I love me some Rachel Platten which she is just good for the soul and isn't a guilty pleasure.  I love me some Weeknd. J.Cole and of course some gangsta rap.  Especially since my husband has overloaded my iTunes with it.  

Anything Pumpkin when pumpkin isn't in season, and carrot cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes, and Red Velvet from Celebrity Cupcakes here in Houston.  YUM!  But since trying to change to a healthier lifestyle these will have to be a once a month treat which I think they are at the moment a one in a three month treat.  I haven't had one of either in a few months, the holidays kicked butt.  

I just don't think any of those are bad though is that wrong of me? 

I hope you loves have a fantastic Thursday.  

What are your guilty pleasures?  Or dare I even ask?