Sacrifice | by Vashti Co.

Sacrifice is defined - as an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy.  

Sacrifice is one of those things that we know we need to do, but have the most trouble doing.
Sacrifice is what defines people, changes people and makes people.

Sacrifice is what some of us do to make it, while others make excuses.

I know that being a blogger, photographer and having a full time job requires a lot of sacrifice.  It takes a lot of long days, nights, and tons of patience.  I see a lot of people who are successful with blogs and then you read more about them and realize these weren't overnight successes it all takes time for people to recognize you and realize who you are and why you deserve to have what you have. 

The one thing I struggle with is if the sacrifices I have made are the right ones. 

Last year, I thought well if I get my blog to look pretty it will keep people here longer, so I made sure I re-branded.  It took a lot of time, longer than I had hoped but I did it all myself and I couldn't be prouder. 

But what I forgot was to get out with my fancy camera and actually take pictures, reach out to potential clients, and models who really want to work with me, collaborate with other bloggers, companies, etc., and just get overall better with the quality of my site.

In life I have no issue putting my feelings or thoughts on the back burner for the feelings of others.  On occasion I will go out of my way for some people, and sometimes that hurts the relationships I have with people who truly value me.  

Then when it comes to sacrificing food for weight loss, or missing out on a steak vs. a salad I can't.  For whatever reason, call it an young metabolism I feel as though I can eat whatever I want and have no consequences.  Of course, I am in the process of changing what I eat and sacrificing maybe some of what I eat for healthier still tasty things.  But it is a sacrifice that I will have to make that will eventually turn into a lifestyle that I want to live.  

I know how social media connects us to so many people, fitness gurus, photographers, bloggers, designers, artist, the list can go on forever but what social media doesn't tell you is the sacrifice they have made.  They sacrifice sitting on the couch and hot meals for frozen meal prep and gym day/nights.  They sacrifice eating carbs [which I love] for cauliflower pizza [not always a sacrifice].  And there you are sitting there staring at their profile wondering why in the past three days you haven't seen any changes.

Because you darling, you have to sacrifice to see a change. 

If I try to sacrifice editing hours for sleep, I will be the worst person you have ever met.  And God forbid I am hungry, please steer clear of me and just ignore anything that comes out of my mouth, I literally need that shirt that apologizes for things I said when I was hungry.  

Last night I sacrificed sitting down in front of the TV after working two hours of overtime at my day job, to make a hot meal.  Instead of stopping at Panera once again, I said it was enough and it was time for me to let what has been sitting on the DVR wait just a few more hours.  I was able to cook dinner, find something to blog about, pack lunch for the next day, and watch my show while eating dinner and waiting on E to get home. 

You're sacrifices don't have to be Alexander the Great big, but they need to happen in order fo you to become the person you were meant to become.  You have to find a way to be the dreams you see.  

The payoff may not be visible for years, days, or hours but once you do get there you will absolutely understand the difference sacrifice made .  

What are you willing to sacrifice for your dreams?