Happy Hour

Happy Hour | by Vashti Co.

If you remember my birthday past this last weekend so one of my girlfriends wanted to go to happy hour this week to celebrate.  We met up at Brennan's in Downtown Houston and enjoyed their happy hour from 2-7P.  

After Sunday leaving us in the 70's, I was still on a high from the weather and didn't prepare for it to be cold and rainy yesterday.  Unfortunately it progressively got worse through out the day and by when it was time for happy hour it was drizzling and in the colder 50's.  

But of course, there is nothing that happy hour won't cure. Right? 

The night started with just Teresa and I, it was nice to finally catch up with her again because I don't think I had seen her since our trip to Miami.  I picked her up and we headed over to Brennan's, started off with a Cecily's Smile [the drink up top] and ended the night with some mudslide type of concoction that Teresa's friend Carolyn suggested.  

When Teresa and I get together we always start talking about all the traveling we want to do.  I think we talked about glamping, driving the east coast, and flying to London as well.  I hope we can at least accomplish one of those things.

Our topics of discussion ranged from: traveling, blog topics, happy hour locations,  corporate american employment, and health.  Yes men, this is what women discuss during happy hour, plus a million other things at once.  

While I don't do happy hour as often as the ladies in Sex in the City, I do believe that is it one of the greatest gifts that we can give to ourselves.  I had a blast with these three ladies and I am happy that for once I didn't avoid going to happy hour.  

What are your favorite happy hour spots? 


Happy Hour | by Vashti Co.