The Imitation Game

I initially wanted to hold this for a while and not write about it just yet to make sure that what I wrote held up to the power of this quote.

If you haven't watched "The Imitation Game" based on the life of Alan Turing, it is a good watch.  Especially for those of us who know that we have something to offer.  When Benedict Cumberbatch said it in the movie, I immediately hit stop, rewind, stop again, rewind a little more, you get the point.  The power of what it meant to me I hope I can relay to you. 

I think I have earned the right to call myself a creative, it may not be full time yet but I am.  I wish I could draw but while it could happen I am not sure it would be that pretty.  The world around us has always intrigued me and being able to show the world how I see the beauty in something with photography and written word is in my sense "drawing".  

I don't know if I have doubters, I have doubted myself plenty of times.  I have wondered if I should just sit in the cubicle and just be instead of make something better for my life.  Then I think about all the people you can inspire and all the people who don't believe in themselves and how I could have the ability to change just one or two people to believe that they are.  

Then it was worth it.  

I don't think people think of me as a photographer, they just think of me as me.  I own a camera, I take pictures with it and I sometimes post them on social media.  I am trying to get better about making people aware of my photography but unless you really know me, you don't really know what I am capable of.  And I am okay with proving you wrong.

So don't always count the people you can't imagine doing something out of the equation just yet.  

And if you haven't yet watch "The Imitation Game" do it, and let me know your thoughts.