Friday Mornin', Rain is Fallin'

Friday Mornin', Rain is Fallen | by Vashti Co.

Okay it isn't but the song popped in my head and well, here we are. 

It is Friday, y'all.  

I thought I could use today to get you guys all caught up on some changes to the blog.  In order to get the quality content that I have been promising, be great at my day time job, and get all of my photography in gear.  I decided that I need to cut back to posting three days a week.  I really love posting 5 days a week because it helps me stay focused and remember when I need to post something.  

But I am determine to provide you guys with content, I want to start fresh next month since v-day is coming up I feel like it will be a lot easier to fill the month with content, I hope. I know it is going to be hard work, I want to make sure that all the pictures here are my own, I have been using unsplash for some images but it is time that I do my own pictures. 

I also hope to do more research on fashion, beauty and photography.  After happy hour last week I thought of a few topics that I am ready to provide you guys but not just hey use this because of this type of post.  I want to come up with a few tutorials that can help you guys figure out how to make the most use of the things you already have. 

I am in no way a professional but if I can help I am willing to share it with you.  

I hope you loves have an amazing friday, and an even better weekend.