Current Hair Routine

Since meeting my hair stylist The Orlando Salon, I have been loving coloring my hair and if you have ever colored your hair you are well aware of the maintenance that is required to keep it healthy and vivid. 

I was originally using a shampoo that was sulfate free and it was doing well but I was still having a lot of issues with my scalp.  I use coconut oil on my ends every other shampoo in order to prevent damage but I knew it was time to change my shampoo.  

So after going from shampoo bottle to shampoo bottle, I finally found Aveeno's Sulfate Free version of their shampoo and I haven't looked back.  The first night I washed my hair it smelled and felt amazing.  You know just like the old herbal essence commercials. I wash my hair every other day, unless I work out or feel that it looks too oily and Aveeno has worked wonders for me.  I try to not blow dry it as much but with the winter months still upon us and Texas weather unable to make up it's mind.  I have to blow dry it to keep me from getting sick and my hair stays beautiful wash after wash. 

If you frequently dye your hair or are just trying to avoid harsh products on your hair for a cheaper route definitely check out Aveeno.  Each bottle was approximately $5.99 and I was able to find it at Target. 

Here is what the sulfate free version looks like. 


What is your current go to shampoo + conditioner?  


*all opinions are my own, this is an non-sponsored post*