Everything Will Be Okay

Everything Will Be Okay | by Vashti Co.

The new year has started and so have the resolutions.  

This is the time of the year that the gyms are full, running trails are almost unbearable, and everyone has started the reset button.  I am one of them I am fully aware of this.

But I can't help but already start to become a little overwhelmed with it all.  Can I do this?  Will I ever lose weight?  

Then I saw one of my favorite quotes that just so happens to be posted in my little tan windowless cubicle at my job. 

"everything will be okay in the end, if it's not okay, it's not the end." 

Not that I want to set myself up for failure because I am determined to lose this weight but I don't have to be extremely hard on myself either.  I don't have to worry if some of my goals for this year don't happen.  

The thing I want you to walk away from with this is, if you don't make all of your goals happen this year, or they don't go exactly as plan.  Don't worry things will work out you will lose the weight, you will get the new job, you will take that trip, etc. 

Make sure you stop and take your breathers, you take time for yourself, and you understand that you are completely and utterly in the best hands possible.  You have to believe in yourself the most and God's already got the rest. 

So everything love, will be just fine.