Nandlal Family Portrait Session | Houston Texas

Photography in itself is a very nail biting thing for me, posing and hoping that your clients aren't stiff like trees makes me a nervous wreck.  While I love photographing weddings they are very fast pace and in a hurry so when I get the chance to do portrait sessions it makes me happy because I can play around more.


When your Family Portrait Session is your older brother and his family.  : | insert extreme panic emoji.  Maybe it is the want to not disappoint, or the fear that they won't like anything that you provide then you have to see them on a regular basis that makes me want to puke.  But I always go into session with extreme panic, and think to myself, I hope they think it is just my camera if these turn out badly.  

I had a session earlier that day and I had the chance to play with my camera, pose and get lighting adjustments right, plus I think my nerves were so bad that session that I had no more for this one.  

And no one wants to mess with a hot pregnant lady.  NO ONE

I have been wanting to photograph them for a while because for one I can tell them what to do without worrying if I am coming off like a Sargent barking orders, and two I tried to get photos of them when I first started photography and they turned out terrible.  So this is redemption.  

A lot of our photos growing up were ruined during flooding so we don't have much and I wanted to be able to provide them with something that they could hang on their walls.  So I could come over and be like I took that picture!  

And lastly, I'd like to wish my brother a very happy birthday, win something in Vegas and have fun.  = ]


This picture was my nieces idea to just get a picture of her and her dad walking and I could've just started crying right there.  It is just so sweet.