Reflections | March Catch Up

Reflections | by Vashti Co. - Catching up on catching up

I took this picture the night we went out for my birthday in the Woodlands and isn't so beautiful!

Also, you guys I cannot believe that we are already three months into the year.  It is flying by, there is so much to do and so little time to do it.  I still haven't even updated my driver's license, whoops! 

I recently decided to make a few changes on the blog and last week started things off, I am so sorry for not posting in February I hope you forgive me.  We have been moving organizing, getting dental work done, and etc. 

Now that we are finally moved in I hope to get a better blogging schedule, those beautiful pictures I've been talking about, and maybe even some video [if I can stand the way I talk].  I also will try to keep things simple here, just to help me get better at blogging, give me more time for photoshoots and honestly life in general.  

BLOG Schedule
Monday's are reserved for Beauty related topics
Wednesday's are reserved for Small Business Features, Inspirational and Photography related topics.
Friday's are reserved for Fashion related topics. 
Tuesday & Thursdays for the time being will be for brainstorming, idea building, and etc.

If you guys have anything you want me to research or talk about on the blog shoot me an email at

I know it isn't typical for people to have a set schedule or talk about said set schedule but I feel like you and I are BFFs and I tell my BFF everything, well I tell my real BFF everything I tell you guys mostly everything. LOL.

I hope the schedule will help you guys know when to look for certain things on the blog, when I put my survey out there earlier this year I got one response.  So I am running with that one response because if that is the only person who reads my blog then I at least need to please them right?  So one blog reader I hope I am doing you justice. 

If you have any ideas for topics, please send them my way.  I am always in the market for ideas and I can't wait to here your comments and feed back.  I really cherish this little blog of mine and I am grateful for anyone who reads it and comments. 

hope you have a happy HUMP day!