Detail in Flowers

Flower Details | by Vashti Co.

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I figured the best thing to do was talk about flowers.  They are one of my favorite things to received.  When E and I first got together I think I made the mistake of telling him that I didn't really like flowers, and probably made a comment of "they will eventually die so it is a waste of $$$". I am sure it stems from a lifetime of not receiving them from anyone except my older brother on special occasions when I was in elementary school.  And of course this was the one thing E can remember me telling him, to not buy me flowers.

Besides, the fact of witnessing love at a wedding I love seeing the bridal bouquet and photographing it. It is one of those unforgettable details of your wedding that only a photo can do it justice. I remember my wedding bouquet and it was simply beautiful. 

It is crazy how much time goes into bouquets and how beautifully different each one is, regardless if it is a full bouquet of white roses, an array of paradise styled flowers or a single flower they are all in their own unique way beautiful.  

While I will never say a florists job is easy [especially after that wreath making class] because there is a lot of intricate work, and creativity that goes into flower art.  I do at the ripe age of 30 realize how forgetful we can get when it comes to certain days of the year.  So if you are one of those guys or gals who forgets to order a flower arrangement ahead of time, you can always head to your local grocer and do your best to put something together.

There is always good ol Pinterest to help you with ideas as well. 

Detail in Flowers | by Vashti Co.
Detail in Flowers | by Vashti Co.
Detail in Flowers | by Vashti Co.