Happy Birthday Husband of Mine.

I bet you guys were expecting me to have a beautiful Valentine's Day post all ready for you today and I probably should have but, today is E's birthday. 

And he is more important, of course. I don't have pictures of just him by himself because he doesn't really care for them.  OR they are silly pictures like him in basketball shorts and work boots kind of silly pictures.   Boys will be boys.

Happy Birthday My Love | by Vashti Co.

Dear Sexy, Amazing, Loving, More than I deserve Husband of Mine,

You are the best part of me.  You are the one that makes my heart melt.  You are the leading man in any love story of mine.  You are the one of the hardest working men I know.  Any job you have you always do it with pride.  You are a machine as you like to call yourself.  

I know these past months have been hectic.  We are in limbo with moving and if things seem to get better they just then turn around and fall apart.  But even with all that life has thrown at us, I couldn't imagine anyone else I would love to spend my life with.  I would marry you a million times over.  

Although I like to think that I can handle things pretty darn well on occasion I know it is only because of you, that I don't act like a 2 year old in public for the most part.

I am grateful for our American Idol watching nights, the times we used to watch Hart of Dixie together, I am grateful for your Poker Nights [at times], and I am so happy to start the journey of house building with you.  You always love me, give me what I want even when I don't deserve it.  You are the only person that I know that can handle all of my grumpy, cranky, annoyed spurts of emotion through out the day.  You are the person whose smile melts me into pieces.  I am always excited to see you when you visit me at my job. 

And I am always so happy to be the person you chose to spend your life with.  I thank God every day for answering my prayers and sending you to me.  I love you with all of my heart besides the parts that are reserved for our dogs. 

I love you. 

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