Small Business Feature | Alyssa Joy

In honor of our monthly small business feature, I present to you this amazing mom, wife, creative, entrepreneur, and Jesus follower Alyssa Joy!!!  I mean her name says it all. 

While you can find more about Alyssa here, on her about me page.  I hope you can stick around to read her interview with Vashti Co. 

V: What made you start your business?

A:  When I had my daughter I left my full time job as a graphic designer for an organization and figured I'd be susie homemaker, best mom in the world, baking cookies with my little one and flour fights.  Well, a few years later, I realized that wasn't exactly the plan for my life, after all! 

While I do enjoy taking those much needed [and such fun breaks from my work] - I thrive on helping other businesses succeed! As I say to people often, we can't all be amazing at everything [for example, that baking I mentioned early - I am AWFUL at that!] and that's why I want to help AWESOME lady bosses [and gents if called upon] that might need a little extra help in the graphic design department in order to completely rock their business!  I want to help YOU succeed.  

V: What would you define as your greatest success thus far in your business?

A: Honestly, each time I am able to design someone's dream logo - I count that as the greatest success!  When your client responds to their first draft with "OH MY GOSH ALYSSA!!!! How do you know my soul???!! You KILLED this.  I absolutely love the first one.  You totally got what I was saying.  I'm pretty sure you're made of magic.  I literally couldn't be more excited!!!"  That's success : ] 

V: Any advice you have to offer young girls or women?

A: If you have a dream - go for it!  I know that can sound cliche, but it's not meant to be.  If you put hard work in, you do your best and you seek opportunities to continue to learn and grow - I can pretty much guarantee, one day - that your dreams will become a reality! There will definitely be days when you think "what am I doing?! I have NO idea what I am doing" and when those days do happen and they will.  I say, put on your big girl panties and fake it till you make it! ; ] Cause I know deep down, you've got what it takes! Make those dreams come true! 

V: Is there anything you want potential clients to know about working with you?

A: I believe in authentic and custom branding.  Anyone can go out and purchase a $50 pre-made logo, but that's not the look I am after for my clients.  I pride myself in getting to know my clients, their talents their quirks and everything that makes them, them.  To me, that is the necessary ingredient for the best brand.  When you work with Alyssa Joy, I take you through a process of questions and inspiration [think questionnaires and P/interest boards] before I even start drafting [yes, that's right HAND drafting] your logo designs.  I'm confident enough in my process that I generally prepare and entire brand before even showing you, your first draft.  But don't worry, if you decide you want to take it in a different direction, you get up to tow original concepts! And ultimately, I will make sure you LOVE your brand, because it's my goal to make sure your response is like this: Oh my goodness!! I LOVE them!! Seriously, you nailed it!" At Alyssa Joy we only take on a limited amount of branding clients at a time so that we can give you the time and attention that your brand and business deserve!

If you haven't made your way over to Alyssa Joy to bask in the beautifulness of her site, or her contact page to get started on your own design I highly recommend it.  

And her instagram doesn't disappoint!  

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