Argan Magic Brush | Beauty tool review

Happy Monday LOVES! 

Okay, I know it is Monday and if you are anything like myself you are still in desperate, desperate need of coffee, and still haven't put on any make up. : D

Plus it is Spring Break Monday at that and you are probably still resting your little head.  

As usual the weekend literally flew by but I did definitely want to talk to you guys about this new hair brush I have been using.  Whenever I am in TJMaxx or Marshalls I love to go to the beauty section and see what new things I can pick up for almost a steal and this brush was one of them.

We all know that longer hair can take forever to blow dry, plus having to add more stuff to it to keep frizz down is another step in the process that I am totally okay avoiding.  If you know what I mean.  So when I found this Argan Magic Brush I didn't think much of it, just another round brush to help with drying my hair.  

But last week was the first time I used the brush and I can honestly say that I am pleasantly surprised.  My hair was shiny, my fly aways were much more tamed and it feels like it cuts my dry time down a little bit, but that could also be due to my new blow dryer.  So don't hold me to that.

My mother in laws birthday was this past week so we went out for a family dinner and I am so happy we did.  Finally getting to dress up and put some make up on for once was nice.  Of course, I took a selfie and you can kind of see how my hair turned out with no product and just the brush and blow dryer.  It looks pretty soft and smooth.  

What are you favorite go to beauty tools

Argan Magic Brush | Beauty Tools Review
Argan Magic Brush | Beauty Tools Review