In the Closet: Must Have Shoes

I have to admit, I love Polyvore

Since we moved, I plan on replenishing my shoe closet.  So today on the blog I am talking about shoes that are a Must Have in your Closet.  

I don't mean that these shoes below are the must have but the type of shoe.  I am always in support of find a cheaper "on sale" type of shoe if able.  

1. Converse - Looks perfect with jeans and a t-shirt, especially when shopping for clothes or running out to the grocery store.  I absolutely love a good pair of all white converse.

2. The Perfect Running Shoe - Regardless of if you do or don't work out you definitely need to look like you do.  So the perfect running shoe in the closet is exactly what you need to pair with some jeggings, a top knot, and the perfect rugged t-shirt. 

3. Flats - I do a lot of running out of the house because I am a last minute kind-a-gal, so the perfect flats with a summer-y dress does the trick! So do yourself a favor and get some cute flats.

4. Nude, Black + Red Pumps - Do I need to explain?  This is the perfect night out shoe. 

5. Peep Toe Heels - Sometimes when I get a really amazing pedicure, 

6. Booties - This winter I bought two pair of booties and I honestly have to say they were the best purchases I made.  I love high boots, but this year threw out a lot of the boots that I had purchased and I forgot to replenish in the Spring when they go on sale.  I am all about saving money.  

7. Black + Nude Flats - I have an office job, that I considerably need to dress better for but if you can pair it with pumps you can pair it with flats.  There are a lot of options to pair flats with, they are a good option to have in the car for just in case you need to dress up and dressed down outfit as well.  

What are your must have shoes?