Wedding Traditions You Shouldn't Change.

Wedding Traditions You Shouldn't Change | by Vashti Co.
Wedding Traditions You Shouldn't Change | by Vashti Co.

At the beginning of the year Vogue posted an online article 10 Wedding Rules to Break, and while some I can agree with others I can't.  You can view the article here

Wedding Traditions You Shouldn't Change | by Vashti Co.

The writer states "they were there to let the world know you were the property of your big strong husband". 
Umm, what?
So when I put on a Target t-shirt does Target own me? No. 
The Wedding Ring, symbolizes the union of two souls, the infinite bond between two people in separate families becoming their own. 

I can agree with this in a sense, I won't sit my girls down and call them bitches but after having a wedding of my own one decision I wish I did have was to nt have braidsmaids.  Let me explain, I don't have sisters, didn't have many girlfriends, and so I picked people who were close to me at the point. And I don't even talk to the person that was my maid of honor. So, I kind of agree. And with being a bride and a maid of honor making someone buy a dress to be at your wedding kind of sounds bridezilla-ish. 

But if you have sorority girls, besties since 3rd grade type of chicks in your life then definitely do as you please, this is just my opinion. 

Seriously, it was a waste of time.  I went to the store scanned all of these items and maybe got 5, plus I wish I would've just had a Honeymoon fund.  

But I do love the kitchen aid mixer my cousin bought off my registry 😍 and it can be helpful to people that don't really know you but would still like to get you something nice. Or feel bad if they come without a gift, etc.

I will come back to this.  

Okay, I don't say this as a photographer.  I say this as a girl who didn't have a professional photographer at her wedding.  GET A PROFESSIONAL. 

While I do understand that there are so many people with camera phones, social media accounts, etc.  
Have you ever tried to search for something on social media like let's say, you walking down the aisle with your dad?  It is annoying.

Have you ever tried to create a photo album with pictures from social media?  They are blurry to say the least, and artistically look like someone took it with their iPhone. And a lot of the time look like pure crap! 

Would you like it if people were sticking their cell phones out down the aisle to get a pictures of you?  I don't like when people stick anything in my face, let alone a phone. 

Do you remember the last time you saw someone who passed away and the first thing you said was "oh, let me pull up aunt mae's Facebook to look at their picture"?  I much rather hold something in my hand.

Oh and the disposable cameras that this gal talks about in her post, um no.  Have you seen the image quality of those, and yes they will be hilarious but I had a lot of really drunk people at my wedding.  I don't even want to think of what would be on those cameras.  

With all of that being said,  I believe in the power of a good photographer.  I believe that everyone has different talents [not sure how this girl is posting at Vogue but whatevs] and I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  

I will leave you with this, doesn't Vogue use Professional Photographers for their photoshoot for things like this and this.  Whether it be for a blog post or a image in their print magazine, the images are from professionals. 

So my questions to you is, is your wedding worth the same care, devotion, love as a Vogue Cover, or blog post?  

With all of that being said, when Vogue stops using professional photographers for their photo shoots of things like Michael B. Jordan walking through a park in a floral suit.  Yes it happened. then maybe I will reconsider.  Maybe

But I have to ask, isn't a picture of you walking through a park in your beautiful gown isn't more important and much more needed in the world, than a fashion magazine cover? 

Until then, Vogue you can.... I'll let you fill in the rest. 

There is also a photographer that fits your unique needs, some are more traditional, others are unconventional so make sure you choose wisely. 

Wedding Traditions You Shouldn't Change | by Vashti Co.

The big reveal to your husband to be, when you walk down the aisle?  Not so much, I honestly think it should be an intimate moment between just the two of you prior to the ceremony it makes for beautiful pictures and this day is all about you so you should share a moment together. 

Once we had a couple who ate alone in completely secluded part of their wedding facility and I bet they don't regret it one bit.  

It also takes some pressure off of him, especially if he is a guy's guy and doesn't want to cry in front of everyone.  My husband cried, I missed it. [see don't hire a professional photographer]

This I can't agree with.  I wish I had something of my grandfathers with me on that day he was a huge part of my life when I was younger and I wish I had something of his to hold close. 

Honestly I wish I had him to hold close in general.   

Wedding Traditions You Shouldn't Change | by Vashti Co.
Wedding Traditions You Shouldn't Change | by Vashti Co.

The last time I checked a wedding was a celebration of you and your marriage.  So cutting out the first dance, I don't think is a great thing but I can understand why some don't want to do it. I think it is pretty beautiful to have the first dance. The first special moment you have as a couple and every slow dance after that will remind you of your first dance. 

Be there to greet your guest?  Are you a hostess?  WTF, I can't. 
Okay no.
My dad isn't the mushy type, I mean I don't think he even knows when my birthday is but some of my most special pictures of us together was walking down the aisle.  I loved hearing people tell me that my dad was crying.  Do I have pictures to prove it?  Nope. [see don't hire a professional photographer]  
I do understand that we don't live in a traditional society and that a lot of things are different then they use to be. But regardless of what I would change at my wedding, walking down the aisle with my dad wouldn't ever be one of them.  

I can kind of to an extent get this, having people standing there watching you eat is kind of ehh! So I believe it is just something you do for your photos but I don't think everyone needs to stand their and watch you.  

This I agree with but only because my husband isn't the traveling type he literally takes one trip a year otherwise we are in the car to San Antonio.  I get to travel with my girlfriends to all the other places I love to go throughout the year, so it is kind of a win for me. 

At the end of the day regardless of what I think, this is your wedding.  It is your big day and you can do as you please, traditions have changed.  We are man and wife, man and man, women and women.  
I believe you can do whatever it is your hearts desire but if you want to look back on your big day be sure that iPhone photos from friends that you won't ever see because we all suck at sending those aren't the way you choose to document your day.