Follow Up Friday

Follow Up Friday | by Vashti Co.

Happy Friday Loves! 

I am so excited that this week is finally coming to an end + this evening is girls night out!! I hope to have a couple of snaps for you guys tonight, I am trying to get better at this.  Currently it is mostly workouts, my doggies and randomness from me, lol.  Cuz we all know how random I am. 

For tonight's girls night, we are going to the Rodeo here in Houston to see Jason Derulo, my GF Teresa somehow got her hands on tickets and I can't wait.  Not necessarily to see Jason Derulo but to get out of the house and not be so exhausted.  After the past few months I am ready for a night out.  

I am so excited!

Let's catch up a little bit, we moved!  Yes finally.  Unfortunately our dogs are still at our old place until we get things all fixed up for them.  So that entails stopping there after work hanging out with them for about 2 hours and then finally heading home to get dinner started, work out and fall asleep.  

But I know I missed out talking to you guys about a few things in Feb, I hope your Valentine's was all you hoped for.  We don't really celebrate it because of E's birthday being so close.  I was hoping to do something big for our 5 year anniversary but the way life is currently set up I am not sure that will happen either.  

Over the holiday season, I made a few purchases that I didn't get the chance to talk to you guys about and these earrings were one of them.  Since I was trying to keep anything new packed up because it would be a little pointless to unpack it then repack it to move.

I haven't had the chance to wear them, of course you need the perfect outfit to wear with the perfect earrings.  I picked these up from Morning Lavender . I had been watching Morning Lavender for the longest time and when she finally had a Christmas sale I finally ordered me a few things.  Her new Parisian inspired look book is to die for.  


And with a new house, comes new house shoes and I found these very chic house shoes at TJ Maxx while shopping for bedding.  E rolled his eyes because I didn't technically need them, flip flops work fine but I did want them.  


What have you loves been up to lately? 

Vashti Collins